Community Outreach

May 6-7:   La Habra  Citrus Festival  Fair   (STEM EXPO)

Come and visit us at Xbots #STEMQUEST  click here for info


GO-BABY- GO    2017 

Ask how X-Bots Robotics can help to train your  team to help the Go-Baby-Go foundation.  We can provide training  to build these cars which help children with rehab and physical therapy.   The need  is great and it will take a team effort not just the Xbots team.

On may 13th  2017  Students from  X-Bots Robotics   team will be modifying battery powered  ride-on vehicles for the  Pediatric Mobility Lab and Design Studio, Dept. of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware.

This will require our students to add safety harnesses,   roll bars, electrical modifications enabling  children requiring physical therapy to be able to ride these  play vehicles.


Read more about this here:

Go Baby Go on Facebook   




June:   Robotics Camp workshop with  Boys and Girls Club (more info coming soon on this one)