Learning the game through Virtual Reality at Robotics. Getting to know the obstacles on the field, while getting comfortable with the Occulus Rift.

“Tripy mind blowing experience!”

“Like a real life video game.”

“Basically a realistic box throwing simulator”

2016-2017 Build Season

This past season was a revolutionary experience. The team gained many new members who have found a passion for building robots and programming them.  Thanks to our mentors we have been able to do so much with the resources we have. This past year we competed with our robot and presented it at the La Habra  Citrus Festival  Fair   (STEM EXPO) fair to inspire other young children to go into a field  in STEM. We believe that it is important to spread our knowledge with others. We are changing the world one robot at a time!

Meet the 2016 Team


What a fun year this was! Our rookie year went so well thanks to all our sponsors who gave us the opportunity to get the resources needed to build our robot. Thank you to all our mentors who stuck with us throughout our build season and lead us though the process. And to all the parents who provided us with transportation and other basic necessities. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Let the games begin!

On January 9th, we attended the kickoff event in Anaheim, CA  which starts the 6 week clock to design, build, test, and bag our robot.  Our team is beyond excited about this year’s competition.  I think at least a couple of us cried when we saw the game reveal (we are rookies, can you tell?)